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Dollhouse Flash

Support Stacie Fic: A Deal 1/1

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Support Stacie Fic: A Deal 1/1

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Dollhouse: Sierra

TITLE: A Deal 1/1
AUTHOR: [info]juliet316
FANDOM: Dollhouse (Nolan, Priya/Sierra)
CONTENT: Drabble and a half, DRAMA
WORD COUNT: 140 words
SPOILERS: Pre series and some of the events in 2x04 Belonging
SUMMARY: He sees her in the bar. Written for [info]sonicgirl2005 for bidding in the Support Stacie auction. The prompt was Nolan buying Priya a drink.
DISCLAIMER: Joss Whedon created and owns Dollhouse. I'm just playing a bit in his sandbox.

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